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Florida Surfboards

Why choose a Florida built board?

When was the last time the waves were 8 - 10 ft and peeling over a razor sharp reef? The Answer is NEVER, at least not here in Florida but we do get fun waves right? Of course we do or surfing wouldn't be so popular. There are so many elements that go into making a magic board. Rocker, foil, contours, fin placements, glassing schedules, foam densities etc etc etc so why would you trust a  company half way around the world to get your magic board right when they've NEVER even seen our waves?


Florida board builders know what works in our surf, from mushy 1 foot slop to a nice hurricane swell our shapers have put the experience in to get designs right. The Shapers in our directory are licensed craftsmen with decades of board building and surfing experience all along our coast and around the world. When you choose one of our Shapers we can guarantee a phenomenal board and a surfer/shaper relationship that will last for years to come. 


Put it on and show the world that your board was designed and crafted in Florida, the Sunshine State. Feed a sheet of rice paper through your printer and give to your shaper to take care of the rest.

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